Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Itamar Story Needs To Be Told

As the administrator of the "Bless Itamar" blog, I am SO blessed. The the more I learn about Itamar, the more I am blown away about how courageous the citizens of Itamar really are. You cannot imagine the incredible stories of this community.

As I go through the archives, I see stories of miracles, middle of the night visits to Joseph's tomb, the land being planted and bearing fruit, heros giving their lives and history being made. This community is amazing and their story NEEDS to get out. I am blessed to be a participant in the telling of this story.

The "Bless Itamar" blog will be archiving the stories about Itamar beginning with our recent 2010 relationship with Itamar (with some exceptions of laying the foundation of the the basic story of Itamar).

You can learn more about the history of Itamar at the Friends of Itamar website -

If you take time to dig, you will meet the modern day heros of Israel and you WILL be blessed.

Enter their story and enjoy the journey!

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