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Welcome to the Bless Itamar Blog!

Many of us love Israel and long to learn more about this amazing country and the people who call her home.  Through this blog, we have the opportunity to peek into the life of the citizens of Itamar, Israel.  

Hopefully as we learn about the community, the people, their lifestyles, economy and the celebrations of Itamar, we will develop a deep connection with Itamar and this connection will stir the desire to find ways to bless her. 

Some of the links from this page will be interactive, allowing you to communicate with the citizens of Itamar. 

Our hope is that this "e-relationship" will be a mutual blessing for you and for the people of Itamar!

Learn More About Itamar

Itamar Movie
This 11 minute film tells the story of Itamar.  Learn why the existance of Itamar is VITAL to the existance of Israel.  This movie will embed Itamar into your heart forever.

About Itamar
Biblical and modern day facts about Itamar

Itamar Projects 
Civic improvement projects in the works.

Rabbi Moshe
Mayor and Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith's Torah thoughts.

Leah and the Women Of Itamar
Hear from the Heart of Itamar!

Children Of Itamar
The life and education of Itamar's Children.

Itamar Martyrs
Stories of the Martyrs and heros of Itamar

Recipes From Itamar
Learn to cook from a community of Jewish mommas!

Celebrate With Itamar
Celebrate the Feasts and life events with the people of Itamar.

Itamar Economy
How the people of Itamar earn their living.

Itamar Artisans
Products and handcrafted items produced in Itamar.

Meet The Friends Of Itamar
See how the friends of Itamar are enjoying blessing Itamar.

Are you beginning to feel like an
honorary citizen of Itamar yet?