Thursday, December 1, 2011

We Will Re-Build

With extreme pain we are sad to say that the Israeli government destroyed our beautiful hilltop neighborhood Givat Aryeh that was set up as a response to the Fogal massacre. We had just finished building a small synagogue and celebrating a beautiful Torah dedication just two weeks ago. There was also a newly built home where a young devoted couple was living and four other small structures where others were living and building the hilltop. 

This early morning at 3:30 AM the Israeli police came with bulldozers and literally plowed down our new hill top. It is so hard to fathom that the government of Israel would be so inconsiderate and cruel in destroying the neighborhood that brought new hope to our community after the terrible murder of the fogal family. 

Itamar residents felt very secure knowing that there was Jewish presence living below them guarding the community on our southern border. This neighborhood was purposely set up as a strategic location to ensure our security allowing us to control the entire valley below from one guard's position. 

The insane act of all was to destroy the entire electric infrastructure of our new camera system thus completely knocking it out of commission and leaving Itamar again in danger of infiltration from the very same village the murderers of the Fogal family came from. Of course our spirit will not be broken and we will return and rebuild our ruins!  

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