Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Amazing Response to the Tragedy

I think that of all the things that I have read about the tragedy in Itamar, this is what touchs me the most.  It is a quotation from a neighbor of the Fogels in Itamar - Rachel Gordon.  She wrote a description of the night and how it unfolded for her family.  The following quotation from her tale just ASTOUNDS me. 

The people in Itamar have been branded by the world as "West Bank Settlers", as perpretartors of evil and as the ones who are standing in the way of "peace in the Middle East".  On the contray, they have been called by God to come home to their land and make it florish.  They desire to live G-dly lives following His instructions in Torah.  Apparently they have learned their Torah lesson well.  This quote says it all...

"For every Jew murdered, more orchards, more fields, more greenhouses will be planted; another house, another neighborhood, another village will be built, with the compassion and benevolence that we learn from the Torah and will continue to teach to our children"      Rachel Gordon - Neighbor of The Fogels

Stay strong in your purpose Rachel and citzens of Itamar. You are not alone. You have MANY friends.

Read her entire story at Chabad Israel

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