Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"I Will Be Their Mother" Says 12 Year Old Tamar Fogel

Photo: Flash 90
"I Will Be Their Mother" Says 12 Year Old Tamar Fogel

by Uzi Baruch  Israel National News

The eldest daughter of the Fogel family, 12 year old Tamar, promised her relatives: "I will be strong and succeed in overcoming this. I understand the task that stands before me, and I will be a mother to my siblings". The orphaned youngster's words were quoted in the Hebrew daily Yisrael Hayom.

In their home in the town of Neve Tsuf in Samaria, Tsila and Chaim Fogel, parents of Udi, are sitting on low benches for the traditional “shiva” week of mourning alongside his three brothers and sister. There is a constant stream of comforters going in and out of the house, VIP's and ordinary citizens from all over Israel, whose hearts go out to the bereft family that lost son, daughter-in-law, and three young grandchildren in a barbaric terrorist slaughter on Friday night.  See Full Story:  Fogel Family Tragedy

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