Thursday, March 17, 2011

IDF and West Bank Residents save Arab baby

 IDF Corporal Levin and Palestinian baby, Jude

It felt amazing to hold girl in my arms,
know we did something good

Saving life after massacre
IDF troops and paramedics save life of Palestinian woman giving birth in settlement where Fogel relatives sitting Shiva.

See Full Story:  By Yair Altman

Just take a moment to ponder this event.  This happened
in the town where the Fogel family was sitting shiva for their butchered family.  IDF forces guarding the area and local paramedics who would be grieving along with the family, didn't give a second thought to saving the lives of a baby being born to a Palestinian woman - perhaps a sworn enemy.

How does this make sense?  While the response to the murder of 3 month old Hamas Fogel in the Arab village below Itamar was fireworks, the response of the IDF and Jewish paramedics to the need of a Palestinian mother in trouble was mercy and I might add, joy.  The very "human" expression of joy of witnessing and participating in the miracle of new life.  The paramedics and IDF shared the joy with the Palestinians from the nearby village of Nabi Salah along with the new grandmother.  How can some in the same community find joy in the death of another beautiful baby of another mother and another grandmother?  How is this "humanly" possible?  I don't understand this darkness of heart and this "un-human" evil.

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